TechKom – Technology-based competence assessment and support during initial training in electrical engineering and metalworking technology

The project is developing funding instruments for analytical and constructive problem-solving competence as well as additional examination tasks for trainees in technical occupations.

Professional problem-solving competence plays an important role in technical training occupations. The TechKom project is looking at analytical problem-solving competence, i.e. finding errors in technical systems and plants. It is also addressing constructive problem-solving competence, which requires the autonomous programming of technical control systems.

TechKom is developing digital learning environments for trainees in the occupations of electronics technician for/ specialising in automation technology and mechatronics fitter in order to foster these two areas of problem-solving competence. The project is investigating whether analytical problem-solving competence can be supported via individual feedback which is integrated into the learning environment. It is encouraging constructive problem-solving competencies by deploying and examining the effectiveness of various example solutions. The TechKom project is following up on prior work that took place in the ASCOT project KOKO-EA.

It is also analysing tasks from the written part of the final examination for mechatronics fitters, electronics technicians for automation technology and construction mechanics. The characteristics which make an examination assignment easy or difficult are being investigated, and this is being used to draw up recommendations for the structuring of examination tasks.


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Felix Walker, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern